Few of us have lost our minds, but most of us have long ago lost our bodies. ~Ken Wilbur

Treating the Whole Organism

At Deep Roots Family Medicine the focus is not on the mind or the body, but on the whole organism. One can create healing and growth through “external” changes that then reflect internally, as well as “internal” changes that reflect on external experiences and actions.

Detoxification and Healing—Working “Outside/In”

Detoxification and the healing of organ system dysfunction—as evolved from Traditional Naturopathic Medicine—is one way in which we attempt to bring about greater health in the person. The first step identifies and removes the external factors that get in the way of healing—whether dietary, environmental, or other. Then we stimulate healing through Constitutional Hydrotherapy (link), and Contemporary Reichian Therapy (link). If there are certain organs that have been weakened in the process, we attempt to address this through botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy. Often times the experience of these therapies and their effects on organ function can bring about a new experience of the internal self—better energy, less anxiety, less pain, etc. Through the experience of a body no longer burdened by toxicity we can change our relationship to our life and emotions as well and create a basis for lifelong health and growth.

Mind/Body and Contemporary Reichian Therapy —Working “Inside/Out”

These therapies help facilitate a shift out of the pattern of dis-ease through the regulation of emotions and stress and toward an experience of confidence and internal resourcefulness. The goal is to provide the internal structure necessary to break out of old patterns in order to have new choices about how to create health and joy in your life. Often times a person must find their own path toward health, and will struggle with suggestions about how to eat and live. At other times a pattern of emotional stress will keep them “stuck” at a certain point regardless of external changes. Eventually the goal is for all patients to be able to find their own path outside the confines of any prescription or health plan, however well-made.